MicroTiger Screenshot

MicroTiger Overview

MicroTiger is a graphical microcode simulator with a reconfigurable datapath. The datapath editor window, the main application window, allows for datapath creation and simulation. In addition, several other dialog windows are provided to aid in creating the datapath. The microprogram editor window allows for microprogram and aids in simulation. The ISA code is externally edited and can be viewed in the ISA code viewer window. The simulation controls are available in the main application window. The expression language is available for ALUs and custom components to customize the evaluation of these components.

Online Documentation

Project Information

Link to MicroTiger's SourceForge Project page. This is useful for downloading MicroTiger, viewing screenshots, requesting features, reporting bugs, and more.

MicroTiger Origins

This tool was developed by Brian G VanBuren under a thesis at the Rochester Institute of Technology entitled Graphical Microcode Simulator with a Reconfigurable Datapath. Dr. Muhammad Shaaban was the primary thesis advisor. The goal was to create a versatile microcode simulator with a side goal of replacing the existing microcode simulator used for RIT's Computer Organization class.

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